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Prayer Strong

Do you know a young girl that understands the power of prayer?  Is she spiritually strong in knowing that her faith and her obedience shall supersede all things great to come.  Does she pray for her family and even others not directly related to her?  Nominate her for the Prayer Strong award!

Truly Me

Have you ever met a young girl that despite influences around her she remains true to her beliefs?  Maybe she has been facing peer pressure amongst her schoolmates or peer pressure amongst friends in extracurricular activities but she remains firm on the fact that she is cool enough for herself and that’s all that matters.  Nominate her for the Truly Me award!

Respectfully Yours

R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means to her.  Her parents raised her well you’d say.  She displays respect to herself and others around her daily.  Even during the most trying moments she never deviates or compromises respect to anyone.   Nominate her for the Respectfully Yours Award.


No opportunity goes missed for a chance for this young lady to learn something new.  Whether it’s academic, physical or spiritual you can always count her in for the lesson.  She seeks opportunities to learn every chance she gets.  Nominate her for the Scholarly Award.

Beauty in Me

Extraordinary she is.  Nothing like the rest and yet she recognizes that her individual beauty is a part of the canvas that makes the world such a pretty place.  She works on her inner being because she knows that it is that spark that ignites such a beautiful soul.  Nominate her for the Beauty in Me Award.

So Thankful

Give her a little or give her a lot she’ll show you she’s thankful with all that she’s got.   Never holding her head down she expresses gratitude for every tangible thing given to her and her opportunity afforded t her.  Nominate her for the So Thankful Award.


It is not the easiest task to raise a growing young lady that has a personality that’s on a growth spurt as well but this young lady recognizes the direct authority of her parents always.  She knows that rules are implemented for her safe and well-being and no fun or friends could ever make her compromise that.  Nominate her for the Obedience Award.


She is liberal in giving or sharing.  She is unselfish at all times.  You will always catch her showing a readiness to give more of something when it is not necessary whether it be her time, allowance money or her love.   She gives more than she expects in return out of the kindness of her heart.  Nominate her for the Generosity Award.

High Spirits

You can count on a good time if she’s there.   Not a dull moment during any endeavor if she’s a part of it.  She always has great energy and finds the fun in everything.  She’s the optimistic comedian.  Nominate her for the High Spirits Award.

Girl Manners

Isn’t she just a princess?!  She’s dainty… what one would consider the “girly girl”.  She walks with her head held high.  She is prestigious in the way she walks, talks and has self-control.   Her presentation is important to her…she’s a girl she knows it and she’s not afraid to show it.  Nominate her for the Girl Manners Award.