"When my daughter wears her pink bottoms she's like a totally different kid...she's confident"

Samantha Lomax, a registered nurse by day, designer by design, was born with a deep passion for ensuring that young girls felt empowerment in who they were wherever they go. She reflects highly on her upbringing and the values that were embedded into her while designing the line. “My daughter inspires me in so many ways.  Teaching me to take on challenges and never to settle.  She believes in me more than I believe in myself at times.  It drives my motivation.” With this passion, she depleted all of her savings, wiped out her retirement, worked longer hours at the hospital and invested in what is now a retail demand, international selling shoe brand called 6th & Madison.

Each shoe has been sketched by her...each thread picked by her...each piece of genuine leather chosen by her and there's a great chance that each order you receive will be packaged with love from her.

*Fun fact: 6th & Madison is a girls shoe line of genuine leather, hand crafted brogues, with a signature pink sole, that was designed by Samantha Lomax and inspired by her daughter, Madison. Ms. Lomax’s inspiration also derived from her very own childhood and her ideology in the power of pink and its relation to the empowerment of being a girl.

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